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Strathbogie Drumblane Parish Church is now open however there are restriction on numbers we can accommodate at service. Please book your seat by phoning the Session Clerk on ________.

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We are a worship centred community called to preach Christ by loving God, loving one another and loving our neighbours near and far. 

We would like to:

Maintain the importance we place on worship in terms of inclusiveness, biblical teaching, prayer, involvement of children and teenagers and variety of music / hymns.

Utilise further the faith and skills of the congregation in the preparation and leading of worship.

Continue building our fellowship in terms of increasing opportunities outside of Sunday Worship.

Make outreach to and nurture of the young a priority in terms of recruiting youth leaders and offering regular groups / clubs outside of Sunday mornings.

Increase the number of people and age range involved in pastoral care.

Enable and empower younger adults to be more involved in decision making.

Work more closely with local churches and community organisations.

The Church meets for worship at 10:30am each Sunday. The services normally follow a traditional format. The Worship service mostly uses the Church Hymnary (4th ed.) this is supplemented with songs from “Songs of fellowship”.

During the summer period the congregation meet together with the Huntly, Carnie ,Glass Church which is based in Huntly (5 weeks at each building).

There is an informal communion service on the first Sunday of each month. Formal communion services are held twice yearly on the first Sunday of May and November.

Every other year the church holds a watch-night service on Christmas Eve and Remembrance Service. These services alternate with the Huntly, Carnie ,Glass Church of Scotland.

Notice sheets are provided in addition large print hymn sheets and large print hymn books are available.

For those who are able to access the electronic newsletter could you perhaps consider printing out a copy for a near neighbour Church member who is not able to otherwise access the magazine. Thanking you in advance.

23 March 2021
Scottish Goverment announcement on Church reopening

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